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Spider veins are small blood vessels that show up under the skin, often as blue, purple, or red webs. Spider veins can be brought on by a number of factors, including how old you are and your genetics. Spider veins have a tendency to progress and become darker over time, which is why it's recommended that you seek treatment when you first notice them. To help patients who feel self-conscious about lesions or spider veins in Willow Park, TX, Defying Time is thrilled to offer noninvasive laser vein removal, an exciting treatment for reducing the appearance of veins under the skin. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Catherine Moore to get started putting together a customized laser vein treatment plan.

How much does laser vein removal cost?
Laser vein treatment costs are determined according to the number of areas being treated and how many sessions are recommended. During your consultation, your technician will assess your veins and determine a custom-tailored treatment plan to help estimate a cost. Defying Time takes numerous payment methods and often offers promotions on treatments, such as laser vein removal.

Should I get laser vein removal or sclerotherapy?
A laser vein removal treatment could address veins of all kinds and proportions. Depending on your needs, laser treatment might be better than sclerotherapy, depending on what is being addressed. Laser treatments may work well for spider veins; however, some patients might prefer sclerotherapy, which injects a saline-based solution into the vein to remove it. Varicose veins typically work well with laser vein removal; however, if the vein is large and bulging, a surgical procedure might be necessary. Our team will work with you to select your ideal treatment option, depending on your concerns and wants.

Does the vein go away?
Laser-based vein removal will address the vein with a concentrated beam of light that heats up the spider vein and then obliterates it. The laser system is very precise and focuses on only the selected area so it will not damage the surrounding areas of skin. After the vein collapses, it will take about 4 – 6 weeks for it to be flushed out of your system and fade away.

Where can laser vein removal be used?
Spider veins may be located on your facial area, thighs, back of the legs, and around the ankles. For areas in both the face and body, laser-based vein removal can be an ideal treatment solution. Our advanced laser works with precision when treating the specific vein so the surrounding skin and tissue are generally untouched.

Is laser vein removal painful?
Prior to your procedure, our team might put on a numbing gel to help you stay at ease. Some patients report feeling a brief snap or tingling sensation as the laser focuses on the area. Many lasers, like the one our team uses, have a special feature that helps produce a cool sensation. This reduces pain while at the same time preventing the laser from overheating, as this can cause a wound or additional harm to the skin tissue.

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